My Sister Keeper – synopsis

I’m Anna. When I was kid, my Mom told me that I was a little piece of the blue sky that came to the world because she and my Dad love me so much. But later, I realized that I exactly came to the world to keep my sister.  My sister, Kate, had leukemia. My mom, who is a lawyer, decided to stop from her job. My aunt, Aunt Kelly worked part time to help my Mom. Aunt Kelly and my Mom used to make a breakfast or lunch everyday. Cooking and cleaning were their busy. And my Dad was a fireman. He worked hard everyday. And I, I was born as my sister keeper. I was born because Kate was sick. I don’t know what will happen if Kate didn’t sick.

I just want to free from medical. I don’t want being my sister keeper anymore. Because of that, I hired a lawyer for demand my parents. Mr. Alexander, he helped me to demand my parents. And, when my mom knew about it, of course, she was angry. “I have done a choice, mom!!! I’m important too!!” I said. And finally, the consequence was, I must went out form my home for a while. But, the court session still continued.

Kate’s disease was more serious. Her kidney didn’t function again, but there’s no one that can donor the kidney. Actually, Kate can forget her disease when she met Taylor. Taylor was her boyfriend. Taylor Ambrose, a drug that came with different work. But, Taylor was died, and it made Kate felt so sad.

One night, when Mom was prepared for the court session, Aunt Kelly talked to mom. “Sara, may I ask you something?” Asked Aunt Kelly. And my mom answered “Ya, sure.” “Sara, sooner or later, you may stop it. Don’t you feel that you do it too far?” asked Aunt Kelly again. “I’m sorry, I can’t.” my mom said.

One day, Kate looked very happy and she wanted to go to the beach.  Finally, my dad brought Kate went to the beach. He picked me up and put our outfits to the beach at home. Firstly, my Mom didn’t agree, but finally, she went to the beach. After that, Kate looked very happy.

At the next day, the court session was continued. All of my family came to the court. And I was a witness there. I swore to answer the question honestly. And my mom asked me many questions. “What’s your reason you demand me, Anna? You love your sister, don’t you? So, why you do it?”. “I just want to free from medical! Mom, I’m important too!” I answered. “Only that your reason? I know you, Anna!” asked my mom again. And I answered “Yes.”. Suddenly, Jesse lauded “Are you sure? Only that? Anna, tell them! You must tell them, Anna!!!” “NO!!! Stop it, Jesse!! Stop it!” I said loudly. But, Jesse told them the truth.

Kate wants to die, mom!!! She makes Anna do this. She’s ready, mom!!” Everybody were silent. Nobody said even one word. “She has said to you, mom. But you never listens her!” Jesse continued. And then, the judge made a decision, but, before she made a decision, she wanted to meet Kate first.

At the next day, the judge, Mrs. De Salvo, met Kate. And after Mrs. De Salvo met Kate, our family met Kate. Everybody gave motivation to Kate. They didn’t want Kate felt gave up. And after a few minute, the nurse came and asked all of them to go out because the time was up. After they went out, Kate asked time to talk with mom. So, Dad, Jesse and I went home. And Kate was die at that night.

After Kate was dying, everything changes. My mom back to her job. Jesse back to his school and he got a scholarship to study in New York. Although we got older, every Kate’s birthday, we always went to the same place for celebrated Kate’s birthday. Actually, I never understand why Kate must die. But I’m sure, once upon a time, I’ll meet Kate again.


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