Welcome to British Columbia

…hope it’s not too crowded out there for you.

Actually, this is the Vedder Canal, just a little west of Chilliwack, BC.  It has been lined with fishermen…fisherpeople?…for the last few weeks, from dawn to dusk.  I drive over the Keith Wilson Bridge, which crosses the Vedder Canal, every morning to get to work and there have been very few days where I’ve beat these guys to the river.

The worst part of this photo is the smell, which you should be thankful you can’t experience.  The river right now is full of dead fish who’ve spawned and died.  The river’s edge is lined with carcasses.  Yum.

If you can get past the smell, the scenery is pretty nice and the barbecued salmon you’d be eating after a day at the river would be pretty delicious.  Come on over.  BC’s pretty nice.


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