just a miss understanding.

you needed me to help you? okay, i’ll help you.. honestly, i haven’t yet open it! i haven’t yet open your account. i just open your direct message in my twitter at last thursday. it means, i opened it at 20 oct, SIX DAYS AFTER YOU GAVE ME YOUR PASSWORD!

okay, i just feels to honest to you. when i would like to open your account, i can’t open your account, cause i input a wrong password. so, it means that you’ve changed your password before i open it! so, I CAN’T OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT. so, i think you could do it by yourself, and didn’t need my help anymore.

and about i feels jealous with you, what do you mean?? what does she mean?? i NEVER thought like that! and, IF i did it,  IT JUST A JOKE! im so sorry to hear that.. 😦
oh god, i just don’t want to have an enemy

   just like a shadow in a leading path. so calm, and smooth. I never thought that you like me, i know you hate me. but i used to try to like you. i trust you as my best friend. i always share with you about everything, such about my crush.

i never thougt that you would be my enemy. i like you to be my best friend. please, just tell me, and dont think i hate you. talk it with me, and do not hear it from another friends! it could be a different information, dear..

hope we’ll can go back 🙂 cause i believe that a true friends, a best friend, always together, although the have one or more problems 🙂


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