Skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts

Back when you were still kids, you would probably remember those times when you don’t really care about anything other than playing, sleeping and eating. Even if we scraped our knees or arms from playing, we just stand up and go back to the game. If its only that easy when we have our heart broken. We are much mature back then when it comes to relationship. We don’t fool around, and we don’t tend to play each others heart.

The difference between kids and adults when it comes to relationship is that kids are more focus in doing the right thing, and if mistakes get in their way, they just stand up and try it one more time. While adults are more focus in not getting their hearts broke and avoid getting hurt, when it is supposed to be the opposite way. Sometimes relationship doesn’t work out because we are more focus in other things rather than the real things that could actually save our relationship or make things work out with our partner.

We should learn from what we are when we were still kids and apply it now when it comes to relationship. Kids have more courage and determination rather than us adults. We live to think of the things that are less important and have no sense at all rather than the things we should prioritize and the things that made sense.

We should always follow our hearts desire and work hard for it. Remember the consequences once we have our heart torn up. You can’t sleep, eat and life seems to make no sense anymore. We should inspire ourself and work harder to keep or save our relationship or if you don’t have one, but you like someone. Then if its worth fighting for, go for it and don’t give up. Even if its impossible for such things to happen, always open your heart and it will always find its way to get what you really desire. Just like when we were kids, when it comes to something they want, they would even bend their knees or cry out loud to get it even if its impossible. Nothing is impossible when it comes to relationship, its the pain that scares us. So have the courage and determination like kids do, so that once we get our hearts broken, we can just manage to stand up and live life to the fullest.


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