Why am I afraid to lose you when you’re not even mine?


When you are friends with the one you like or someone that is truly special to you. You have that strange feeling of having the fear of losing them even if you are not together. And that is because probably you haven’t express or told them what you feel. You are just scared that if you tell them what you feel, they would avoid you or might not talk to you anymore. Staying friends with them is the safest thing to do, at least you can still keep them in your life.

Its normal to be friends when it is impossible for both of you to be together in a special way. Like probably he/she already has a boyfriend/girlfriend. Or she might not show that she likes you back. You should also consider what you feel inside, and that is the most important thing. Its not normal to hide your feelings because you will end up having regrets in the end. If you express what you truly feel, and it didn’t work out the way it should be. Then, at least you did your best and you already have the answer even if its really painful.

The whole point of not losing anyone especially the person you truly care about is something that we should not focus on. People always leave, but sometimes they come back. If they leave at some point, and you told them what you feel. Its up to them if they will come back to you, you already done your part. If things didn’t work out, your job is to let go and at least you have told them what you feel and there is nothing more to hide.

Never let your fears control you because this would show on how weak you are when it comes to relationship and of course how you handle life. Always stand up to what you feel and make it happen. Don’t live your life with full of regrets and agony. We are made with problems to face  them and that includes in showing to that special someone on what you really feel about them.  Don’t be scared if you will lose them because you told them what you feel. It shows they are not worth keeping if they leave you because of that. If they are truly special, they will be honest to you and even if you two are not couple, then they will still hang on to you and make things go back like before.



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