You can’t deal with love if you’re afraid to feel

If you prefer to be single than to be in a relationship then one of the reason for that is you are afraid to get your feelings hurt. Probably you have a past relationship that hurt you so bad that you don’t want to get back from that pain. But one thing you should always remember is that you can’t resist your feelings with someone especially if you are attracted to that person. You might even think that being friends with that person would make you get away from that pain you are trying to avoid. When in fact you are just making yourself closer to the most painful ending ever.

Imagine it this way, if that someone you really like, likes someone else. Will this avoid the pain? If you just want to hug or kiss them, can you do this when you are friends? There are limitations once you choose it this way. Its either tell them what you feel, or just hide it. The more you hide of what you feel inside, the more you are inviting the pain you are trying to get away of. That is why the best thing to do when it comes to this situation is to tell them what you really feel. But before that, you have to be strong enough to face the consequences. You are not afraid to feel the pain or feel being love. Because eventually, telling someone what you really feel comes with to endings. Either they like you back, or they just don’t.

Just think of it that at least you don’t get to stay awake late at night thinking ‘What if’. What if you have told them what you really feel and they feel the same way. There are a lot of possibilities that you have to face and understand when it comes to this. You got to have the courage and determination in order for you to keep on going even if the results may not turn out so great. If you are afraid to feel the pain, then you are afraid to feel love. And if you are afraid to feel love, then you are not ready to have a relationship. Because you have all these fears that might end up risking your relationship. Be sure that you are ready to step up and go for it. Loving someone is the best feeling in this world, but eventually you will get hurt at some point but that doesn’t mean it would stay forever. Just remember that pain is only temporary but love always last a lifetime.


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